How do we define “orphan” for the purposes of TEN?

 Our definition is:  “For purposes of TEN, the student has been orphaned through death of parents and family, or abandonment by them, or by being disowned by them; and he or she has no financial means or support system through any other individual or organization.”


What do we consider a “developing country” to be?

This is somewhat subjective, and subject to Crossroads’ evaluation of an individual student’s situation, but will tend to be “third world”, poorer countries. 


Who can recommend a student?

Any individual or organization can recommend a student candidate, but a candidate must have a credible sponsor that can confirm and will vouch for the candidate’s giftedness, potential, and orphan status as defined above.

What are the basic requirements for a TEN student, in addition to meeting the Crossroads definition of orphan?

A student may be male or female, must be 15-25 years old, a born-again Christian, and have a high school diploma (or equivalent).  He or she must be able to meet the admission requirements of The Master’s University, including having achieved a minimum score of 80 on the Test of English Fluency (TOEFL).  Once formally admitted to TMU, the student must obtain a student visa from the U.S. Embassy in their country of origin.  The student must agree to submit to the leadership of Crossroads while a student at TMU and agree to return to his or her home country after graduation.


What does it cost for Crossroads to support an international  student at TMU?

The approximate total cost, including all TMU tuition and fees, meals, on-campus housing, and all miscellaneous personal expenses (net of all costs less TMU aid provided to the student) is $35-40,000/year.


What is Crossroads’ commitment? 

Crossroads Community Church will provide complete and comprehensive financial support for each participating student for four full academic years leading to a Bachelor’s Degree from The Master’s University in the student’s choice of major.  Each student will have two host families from Crossroads who will provide emotional and general family support.