Why is it important to pay off the loan on our building in ten years?

 If we pay of our $10.7 million loan in thirty years, the total payoff will be in excess of $23 million.  If we pay the loan off in ten years, the payoff is reduced by over $9 million, meaning that money can be invested in the kingdom, and also that Crossroads will become debt-free in ten years, not thirty.


When I give to TEN, can I direct that my giving be applied to a specific TEN area, i.e. Educate, Plant, or Debt Retirement? 

No.  Though “Directed” giving has been considered, it would be difficult to administer, challenging to plan for, and provide minimum flexibility in administering the available funds. The decision has been made to have all giving to TEN go into one general fund and account.


What are ways I can give at Crossroads? 

Giving can be done through traditional channels, i.e. cash or check given during worship services or mailed.  However, the most desirable method is through our on-line confidential system called Pushpay, which provides options to give to either the General Offering (general operating budget) or TEN, or both, either as a one-time gift or recurring.


If I am not currently giving to Crossroads, how should I start?

Start by giving an amount to the General Offering that you can manage to give regularly.  We believe that giving is a heart issue that is between an individual disciple of Jesus and the Lord, and that is regular, a priority, planned, joyful, without pride, sacrificial and in proportion to God’s blessing.   Giving to TEN should be over and above giving to the regular day-to-day work of the church, which is the first giving priority.


At Crossroads, who knows who is giving and/or how much individuals give?

Because of the necessity of record keeping for reporting and tax purposes, our bookkeeper sees the individual giving information; otherwise, giving data is treated with complete confidentiality.  No one knows who does or does not give, or how much is given by any individual.