November 2018 Update


Davies Kalange:  Davies has adjusted to college life very well.  He is focusing on academics and learning how to get the most out of classes, understand lectures, how to best prepare for tests, etc.; pretty much the same challenges all college freshmen face!  He is traveling to Dallas for the Thanksgiving holidays to visit with a family there that has helped support him in his time at Lifesong in Zambia.

Student Candidates:  We are in the early stages of evaluating two potential Fall 2019 candidates- a young lady from Haiti named Lina, and a male student from Brazil named Gabriel.  As shared earlier, our objective is to identify 3-5 solid candidates by 2018 YE, and to have next year’s (Fall 2019) student admitted and student visa in hand by March 31, 2019.



Church Planter Candidates:  Our goal continues to be to identify our first planter before year-end.  We currently have a solid candidate who is progressing through  the STADIA Discovery process, and we will share more about him as we get a bit further along in the process.  Keep praying for God to send us just the right man. 



There are several small groups going through the 3-lesson stewardship curriculum, “The Act of Grace- Biblical Giving” this fall, and we have received positive feedback from several Small Group Leaders- this is great news.  Educating our people about stewardship as taught in scripture is very important.  If everyone who calls Crossroads their home gave biblically, our TEN and General Budget needs would be met and even exceeded.  We are conferring with INJOY monthly, and working to develop messaging and the message plan, ahead of the January 2019 rollout of TEN to the Crossroads body.  We have submitted our proposed 2019 TEN Budget.



Also, we are in the process of finalizing our TEN website, which we hope will become a key platform for communicating with our people.  Thanks to Mark Gooby for his great work on the website!

As we have said earlier, reaching our TEN goals will depend on two things- first and foremost, God’s plan and provision, and second, the stewardship and generosity of God’s people.

Keep praying for the TEN Ministry! 2019 will be an exciting year.

Thanks, Kim

Mark Gooby