December 2018 Update

As we head into the Christmas season, I am reminded of how richly God has blessed TEN (and Crossroads) this year.  We had several 2018 goals for TEN – to locate out first student and see him or her admitted to TMU this fall; to identify our first church planter by year-end; and to prepare for a January 2019 roll-out to our Crossroads body.  By God’s grace, we have seen Davies Kalange successfully admitted and now attending TMU, and continued to make progress as we look ahead to getting TEN more prominently in front of our people early next year. 

As we have said earlier, reaching our TEN goals will depend on two things- first and foremost, God’s plan and provision; and second, the stewardship and generosity of God’s people.

Briefly, here’s where we are in the three components of TEN:



We have three new organizational contacts that provide good potential for student candidate references-  Missions without Borders, Heartline Ministries, and Partners International.  We are evaluating two candidates mentioned in earlier updates- Lina from Haiti (Heartline Ministries) and Gabriel from Brazil (Athletes in Action), and are awaiting applications from two students from South Sudan (Partners International).  We are working other contacts, and it appears we will achieve our objective of identifying 3-5 candidates by year end 2018.


Our goal continues to be to identify our first planter before year-end.  We currently have two candidates who are progressing through  the STADIA Discovery process.  We are continuing to fine tune our strategy and plan for church planting.


Our 2019 TEN Budget is being finalized in conjunction with the Crossroads General Budget.  Giving to support TEN objectives of paying off our building debt in ten years, educating students, and planting churches will all be over and above general budget giving.  Recognizing that giving is a heart issue (II Cor. 9:7), we are praying for God’s leading in the hearts of individuals and families, and preparing to share the TEN vision as clearly as possible when we roll out in January.


Keep praying for the TEN Ministry! 2019 will be an exciting year.



Mark Gooby