August 2019 Update

As always, we want to thank you sincerely for your support and continued prayers. These are exciting days for Crossroads and TEN!

By now you are aware that our new KNOW Pastor, Bret Martin, will be starting in August, and that one of his key responsibilities will be the oversight of TEN and the leadership of our church-planting ministry. Having actually planted a church, Pastor Bret is uniquely experienced, gifted, and well prepared for his new role and responsibilities. We look forward to working with him on taking solid steps toward training and sending out planters and teams to plant churches. God has indeed brought us a good man!

I told you last month that we did not have a new student for TMU. I am excited to share that we have since identified a potential candidate that we are in the process of evaluating, and there is a chance that, Lord willing, he may be able to achieve the steps necessary to start school this fall. Additionally, we have decided to have Lina, our candidate from Haiti, work towards potentially starting at TMU in the spring. I will hopefully have good news and more details to share on these students soon.

Moreover, Davies Kalange will be returning on August 29th from Zambia to begin his sophomore year at Master's, and we're looking forward to seeing him. We're grateful to Chris and Paula Kuhlman, who will be coming alongside Davies as his host family parents this year.

Let me share a few things you can be praying for:

  • Pray for a smooth move and transition for Pastor Bret and his family.

  • Pray for our two current student candidates as we work through the evaluation and application process.

  • Pray for a successful sophomore year for Davies.

  • Pray that we will see continued and increasing financial support for TEN.

God bless you and yours,
Kim Miles | Elder and TEN Director

Sarah Gibbs